Chez Beresky


This is a place where I can comfortably share stuff with family and friends. In addition, it is a platform for me to experiment with one of my favorite hobbies: website coding and design.


Those of you that know me understand that I enjoy cooking. Years ago my recipe files were in a notebook, Later they migrated to an excel spreadsheet and now the best recipes from Chez B reside where friends and family can access them online with ease.


First a "brownie", then some 35mm film cameras (remember all the $$$ we spent on film and developing!). Along came the digital revolution and I now shoot with a NIKON DSLR; but I think some of my best pics and vids come complements of my iPhone 6S!


I had always wanted to publish a cookbook, and when Kelly put together one based on some of my recipes, I realized that this was not that difficult.. You can review my updated version of CUISINE here.